We have had a complex relationship with the harp, our national symbol, but over the past two decades its popularity has grown steadily to the point that there are now over 2,000 harps in the country, double that. that there was in 2001. The 34th Irish International Harp Festival kickRead More →

The senchaithe were traditional Irish storytellers, traveling poets, artists and historians who traveled the island to feast the audience on ancient traditions. They thrived for centuries, custodians of a rich oral tradition, before dying out in the age of radio and television, their charm broken, their services seemingly no longerRead More →

Book Title:The other Irish tradition: an anthology ISBN-13:978-1943150243 Author: Edited by Rob Doyle Editor:Dalkey Archival Press Indicative price:$ 18.00 Writing is like fishing – the writer is trying to capture something. At one end of the scale – traditional storytelling – the writer is most concerned with what gets caughtRead More →

The food riots are one of the most significant and, outside of Ireland, studied protests of deliberate crowd protest. This inspired EP Thompson, the great English historian and nuclear disarmament activist, to conclude that it was a manifestation of what he called a “moral economy”. According to Thompson, a moralRead More →