First video: TRÚ – Rebel Song

In May, we reviewed ‘No fixed abode‘, the highly anticipated debut album from the Ulster trio TRÚ (read review here) which was also a featured album of the month. From this album we have their latest video to share for Rebellious song. In their album track-by-track guide, the band member Donal kearney told us the following about the song:

“True to the old folk process, Rebel Song is a patchwork of other songs.

“‘The Patriot Game’ is an Irish ballad whose lyrics were written by Dominic Behan, who wrote his lyrics to the traditional tune” The Merry Month of May “(also known as” The Nightingale “). This is a pro-Republican, anti-British song that tells the story of Fergal O’Hanlon, an IRA volunteer from Monaghan Town. Interestingly, Christy Moore said that British soldiers often ask the song during his concerts.

“The Clancy Brothers made this song internationally famous during the folk revival of the 1960s, but chose not to sing the verses condoning the Irish police murders. They also omitted lines criticizing Éamon de Valera. Bob Dylan’s 1964 song “God On Our Side” is based on the version he heard from the Clancy Brothers, and a few lines from Dylan also make their way into Rebel Song.

“In our song, we added a whole new chorus to the traditional strophic form. The chorus line “with the speed of a flame” is taken directly from Behan’s text, while the second verse sings “a terrible born beauty / and worst was the cost” providing a direct reference to WB’s “Easter 1916” Yeats, an important poem itself in the history of Irish republicanism.

“It’s a beautiful melody with a text that we have updated for 2021, written for a post-Brexit Northern Ireland.”

Shot by Je Suis Le Cat Productions, watch the late night video which they say was filmed somewhere along the border on July 11, 2021, the video captures TRÚ taking part in their own bonfire, with a song to mark the occasion.

No Fixed Abode is easily one of my favorite albums of 2021. Make sure to order it:

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