Friendly people, food and attractions make Barbados’ tourism product unique

Tourism and International Transport Minister Senator Lisa Cummins believes that Barbados’ tourism product is unique because of its people, cuisine and attractions.

Senator Cummins shared this perspective on the island’s tourism product with staff from the Aer Lingus team, as well as members of the Aer Lingus media familiarization travel group, in a session Q&A last night at the On The Wall art gallery, located in Champers. Restaurant.

“What makes Barbados unique is how warm and welcoming people are to our visitors. Barbados is just that familiar place where we are friendly people and Barbadians will embrace you, and that’s what keeps people coming back for more all the time, ”said Minister Cummins.

Further, she said: “Barbados has this blend of Caribbean charm and international sophistication…. Here in Barbados, the culinary capital of the region, the range of restaurants you will find here are of the highest quality across the world; from a rum shop and bar with excellent cuisine to a restaurant where you can combine international cuisine with Bajan or Bajan dishes with an international touch.

“You also have the uniqueness of the attractions you will visit; you can live an ecotourism or heritage tourism experience. You can go to Kensington Oval and see the Three Ws for cricket. So, for every market demographic and segment, there is something unique for you in Barbados and it makes it seem like it’s just right for you. So you’re not just a number… everyone feels like they’ve had a personal experience with us and that’s what makes us different.

Asked about the cruises’ winter outlook, the minister revealed that the island was expecting around 337 stopovers during the period and that Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited (RCCL) would begin its home port operations in Barbados with weekly departures. This will be the first time that RCCL will operate its home port from a southern Caribbean port.

The minister also discussed upcoming protocol changes; the impact of COVID-19; modernize existing attractions and develop new ones; bubble towers; service standards and transformation of Barbados into a republic.

Speaking on the bidding process for Aer Lingus air services, Cheryl Carter, Acting Director of Global Markets at Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI), said: “When we started the process tender, we were at the peak of the pandemic and there was indeed a lot of uncertainty in the travel industry globally. But, we were excited and we knew the opportunity would be fantastic for Barbados outside of the UK market…. I want to thank everyone for making this project a success and it’s the start of something fantastic.

Jenny Rafter, Global Leisure Sales Manager for Aer Lingus, spoke about the new air service to Barbados and what it means for the airline. She said: “We are extremely proud to fly our first Caribbean destination from the UK, Manchester…. We are very happy to fly to the beautiful island of Barbados and really hope it will be a huge success. “

The Aer Lingus media familiarization tour group included journalists from the UK and Ireland. (BGIS)

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