Jamaica increases number of hotels and attractions open to visitors: Travel Weekly

Accommodation outside resilient corridors along Jamaica’s north and south coasts that meet the island’s Covid-19 health and safety requirements is now open to visitors, according to Edmund Bartlett, Jamaican Minister of Tourism .

The corridors were put in place in June 2020 to limit the movement of travelers within specific coastal areas in order to prevent the spread of the Covid.

But hotels, resorts and cabins that are not in the resilient corridors are now allowed to receive guests once those accommodations have their license from the Jamaica Tourism Board, the Covid-19 Certificate of Compliance. and comply with Ministry of Tourism health and safety protocols.

Additionally, more attractions have been allowed to open across the country, provided they meet the same qualifications listed above.

A full list of attractions and accommodations, broken down by category, is available on the Visit the Jamaica website under Resources.

“Jamaica’s tourism sector is recovering faster than expected, and we are encouraged by the success of the past few months as the destination welcomes more and more travelers,” Bartlett said.

Since the reopening of its borders in June 2020, Jamaica has welcomed more than 810,000 visitors, according to the minister; earlier this year, it forecast 1.4 million visitors in 2021.

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