Premiere: Gregory Ackerman – Good song

In the continuity of the “Stresslove EP” of 2019, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Los Angeles, Gregory Ackerman is ready to share with the world Still waiting (outside September 17, 2021), her first full album since her debut in 2018.

During this time, Ackerman realized some things, most importantly, that “… life and music get better as you share them with more people.” For this new album, he appealed Reeder’s stone of Rilo kiley to produce the album. The accompanying press notes that Reeder also adds “touches of hypnotic mysticism in addition to the melodies of the Californian summer sunset, which combine beautifully with Ackermansimple philosophical lyrics and a curvy, skillful guitar to create what is now Ackermanhis signature. He also brought in a number of Los Angeles area talent as well as his brother Eric, to create “a living collection of all new material mixed with songs I had written years ago.” .

Tomorrow will see the release of the ironically “Good Song” track, a hazy, relaxed and contagious number, lyrically sincere and lying in more than a small ray of this west coast sun. He was more than happy to talk more about how the song came about, highlighting some of the battles the songwriters face as well as some of the joys they get from sharing these songs – just as we hear them, that -this is no exception.

“I wrote ‘Good Song’ out of this feeling of desperation that I just wanted my music to be heard, and I felt like the only way to break into the world of critics was to write a ‘ good song. I thought about this notion for a while.

“What does it mean for a song to be considered ‘good?’ I loved all my music and the songs I wrote. For me, all my songs were good, all my songs should be heard by the world, all my songs were worth listening to. But there is always someone who judges your music, someone who ultimately decides whether the song is “good” or “worthy” to be considered for Spotify playlists, magazine articles. , blog posts or radio, etc.

“I started to think about how you make a ‘good’ song, and the lyrics just started to coalesce around the idea of ​​pouring yourself into a song in the hope of even being seen as a song. ‘good’ songwriter. I was tired of trying to write a hit song to be recognized, so I just wanted to write about the songwriting process objectively, and scrutinize the notion of creating a “good” song. song in general.

“The writing process can be so painful at times (‘reconnecting with feelings from the past’), and no matter how much heart and soul you put into a song, there is always the possibility that it will eventually get overlooked. It can be such a sad and lonely feeling to make music that goes by the wayside. But it can also be joyful and communal too when a song you write is understood or recognized as meaningful to others.

“I guess it’s similar to life in general, and the music really echoes life in all its ups and downs, joys and sorrows. I was depressed when I wrote ‘Good Song’, about the music industry, about the pressure to do something others would deem “worthy”, and about writing songs in general. But the process of taking a step back from songwriting and examining the notion of writing a ‘good’ song and what that means for the individual writer really helped me through the crisis. self-esteem in which I found myself.

“Now I have a lot of great songs because I know they’re great songs, and I really don’t care what other people have to say about them. For me these days I find comfort in continuing to make music that makes me happy. Music makes me feel connected to this world and the people who make it up, and at the end of the day, that’s really all I want. “

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