Presentation of Sabine Colleen and the song of the day

I ran into an artist based in New Mexico Sabine Colleen most recently on Instagram. This summer, she is releasing her first album, Circle of trees what her biography indicates is the result of a growing connection to her British and Irish ancestors and the incorporation of a near-death experience in 2015. In 2018, she released an EP titled Call of the year, which is available through Bandcamp. She alternates between banjo and guitar, and her quiet folk music is inspired by Jean Ritchie and Shirley Collins, who recently announced the release of their EP Crowlink. Her inner research is prevalent throughout her music which has a warm and inviting sound with the essence of escape.

She recently recorded the folk ballad With Kitty I will go for the Blue Wall Sessions on which Jared Putnam joins her on bass for an intimate and ethereal performance. His version is inspired by Jean Ritchie, who recorded the song for his 1965 album. Mountain hearth and house. I hope that when her first album comes out, she will attract more attention; she certainly deserves it.

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Photo credit: Akasha Rabut

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