REVEALED: Top ten tourist attractions in Offaly according to county visitor rankings

IT IS often interesting to hear what people from other parts of Ireland and even from abroad think about our county and what it has to offer.

Anyone who has been anywhere in the world frequently searches TripAdvisor for the best things to do in an area, top attractions, places to eat, or the best hotels in your price range.
TripAdvisor has listed the best attractions in Offaly in that order.

1.Tullamore DEW Visitor Center,
2. Clonmacnoise
3. Château de Charleville
4.Lough Boora Discovery Park
5. Birr Castle, Gardens and Science Center
6. Clonmacnoise (again)
7.Lloyd Town Park, Tullamore
8. Slieve Bloom Mountains
9. Lough Boora Discovery Park (again)
10. Clonony Castle

Other attractions included are the Irish Parachute Club and the Birr Theater and Arts Center.

Tullamore DEW Visitor Center
The property has received 1,162 reviews and has a 4.5 star rating.

Obviously, many of these reviews date back to the pre-pandemic period and took place at the Bury Quay Visitor Center, which is now closed with the move from the Visitor Center to the Clonminch Distillery.

In 2018, a visitor from Minnesota gave the Bury Quay facility 5 stars. Here’s what they had to say: “Very informative tour of the history of Tullamore Dew and the difference between Irish whiskey / Scotch whiskey / American bourbon. The visit was not too long, ending with the tasting of 3 different types. I’m not a drinker so I didn’t pay attention to the types that were sampled. We were able to keep the shot glass we tasted as a souvenir. We were part of a bus tour and it was included so I can’t tell you how much it cost. A beautiful historic building along a canal. I did not eat at the restaurant. It’s pretty and the gift shop looks good too. If you are in the neighborhood, I will recommend that you stop by. ”

In October 2020, two friends attended a cocktail-making class at the center.

“We attended as a group of two during the Friday evening cocktail class. Aoife was our guide, she was exceptional, full of energy, very enthusiastic and made the tour of the distillery and the class extremely enjoyable. We were given cocktails when we arrived then made 3 more cocktails and enjoyed a shot as well. The course was great and I would definitely go back! ”

This historic site has 1,024 reviews and has been awarded 5 stars. Visitors to Chesapeake, Va. Said, “We arrived early on a Saturday morning and had to share this magical place with just six other tourists. The museum is well laid out to reflect the history of the site. The short 20 minute video is very well done, and you should take the time to watch it.

Walking in this very peaceful place along the Shannon River was pure bliss. Round towers from the 1100s. Celtic crosses of all sizes and a modern site where Pope John Paul II visited in 1979.

Perfect place to see the history of conflict and the growth of Christianity in Ireland.

Very clean break rooms and friendly staff at the gift shop. Good value for money at € 6 for seniors. Free parking.”

A British tourist who visited in August this year described Clonmacnoise as “breathtaking”

“An enchanting place. A wonderful story and some very beautiful tombstones and architecture. Not fully open due to COVID but still worth a visit. ”

Charleville Castle
[At the time of writing Charleville Castle was closed due to Covid]

A family in Dublin gave it 5 stars.
“We were away for the weekend nearby and came across the castle from a Google search and luckily we did. We arrive at 2 p.m. and a charming volunteer at the door named Roman (from France) greeted us for a visit (there is a donation to be made as it is a volunteer project) to note that they have no card machine and only us We didn’t have any credit cards so we went into town to get an ATM and came back for the 3pm tour. The castle is beautiful and its history and stories provided by Roman were so interesting and captivating. The rooms inside the castle were just out of this world. Much appreciated and will definitely be back. Well done Roman for giving us such an interesting and informative tour. ”

A family from Dublin who visited the castle in August this year said they would keep their 5 stars until it opened, but enjoyed the walk to the historic site.

“Nice walk to the gates of the castle – a few fairy gates scattered around. On arrival the view of the castle is breathtaking. ” They gave it 4 stars because it was closed.

Lough Boora Discovery Park
A couple who visited in August this year said
“We brought our bikes to Lough Boora Discovery Park and had a great time. It was definitely the best way for us to get around and see as much as possible. The sculpture park was my favorite part. By the way, the toilets and public facilities were very clean, very impressive for free convenience. We enjoyed a 99 of the organic food and walked along the lake. There is so much to see at Discovery Park, we will be back soon. ”

Birr Gardens and Science Center
A family from Athone visited in August 2021 and described it in these terms:
“I went there for a day with my 11 and 9 year old kids. The morning turned out to be a bit humid but it worked in our favor as we had the place mostly to ourselves. It was so peaceful to walk around and there is a lot to explore and amazing sites. We walked part of it, had a picnic (lots of tables and benches dotted around) and then checked out the treehouse. My kids loved it. After a coffee and letting them play for a while, we explored more and found other hidden gems. Return to the tree house, then visit the science center. Overall we spent about 5 hours here which for € 20 for the three of us looked really good to me. We will definitely be going back. ”

Lloyd Tullamore City Park
This person visited in July of this year.
“I visited this park many years ago during the Phoenix Festival and was amazed to see the transformation. It caters to all ages with a playground, a skate park and beautiful water features. It was nice to be able to spend time there on our trip to town. ”

Slieve Bloom Mountains
“Magnificent landscapes and a feeling of remoteness in this wild nature. We hiked the Slieve Bloom Way for 2 days and stayed in Giltraps pods in Kinnitty which worked out well. ”

Monicknew Forest
May 2021 • Friends took a 7.5 km walk through the Monicknew Forest which is part of the Slieve Bloom Mountains. They described it as “breathtaking scenery, incredible views, a perfect day in nature”.

Clonony Castle
In August of this year, a family visited the castle.
“We called yesterday afternoon and Rebecca was very welcoming. She knows so well the history of the castle and the restoration process.
“She’s a wonderful storyteller and really engaged us all. Such a treat on our short trip through Shannonbridge. Incredible to see.

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