Robert Plant and Alison Krauss share album final preview with rhythm song “It Don’t Bother Me”

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss share album final preview with rhythm song

Former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant releases his studio album on November 19 Raise the roof via Rounder Records. While the full album won’t be out for two weeks, fans can get a taste of what to expect from the few tracks that have been shared, the latest of which is “It Don’t Bother. Me”.

Plant collaborates with Alison Krauss on the bluesy track, her light soprano complementing the simple and robust percussion, making the song far removed from all modern distractions. Folk instrumentals are suitable for lyrics about unconditional love – it’s about being connected to the one you love (even if and when that person is yourself), accepting them regardless of their flaws and whatever they may be. the world around you.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Bert Jansch’s work since I was a teenager,” Plant said in a press release, “and all that Irish, Scottish and English folk style that has a different beat and a different lyrical outlook. I was very keen to bring some of that into the picture.

In October, the two artists released another track from the upcoming album, “High and lonely. This song was also inspired by the blues, suggesting that most of the album will divert Plant’s classic rock history towards a more authentic sound. The collaboration between Krauss and Plant is not just a reminiscence but a reunion. : this is the first time the two have worked together in 14 years, the last time on Sand rising.

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