Watch Lunatraktors – My Witch (Song of the Day)

Extract from their last album The missing star, Lunatraktor shared a video for their second album track ‘my witch‘which is also our song of the day. In his review of the album, Billy Rough concluded that it was “… a recording that will stay in your mind … We need it.”

Dedicated “to all of our beloved witches around the world,” they shared the following on My Witch:

The lyrics are taken from a 16th century “love poem” by Nicholas Breton; a classic piece of misogyny, blaming a man’s infatuation on a woman’s bewitching charms. Written in this case at a time when hundreds of people were tortured, burned or drowned because their neighbors denounced them as witches.

Essex was one of the hotbeds of the witch-hunting craze. Some scenes in our video were shot in the cemetery of St Michael’s Church, Pitsea. Now disused, with the spire transformed into a mobile phone mast, St. Michael’s is famous for having a “witch’s grave”. In fact, this tomb – which denounces the occupier as a “weak and sinful worm, the most vilest of its race” – is the last resting place of Ann Freeman, who became pregnant with her father’s assistant, who brought her to life. then abandoned as well as their baby.

The other location is a site called ‘Stone Chapel’ near Faversham. It was the site of a small Roman temple, followed by a Christian chapel, both probably built on an even older sacred site …

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